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The Lost and found Recovery Service via SMS


Why do I need free Textmyid labels?
You know how important your cell phone, iPod, iPad, digital camera, Blackberry, and laptop are.
If you lose one of these devices, you will lose thousands of data.
Textmyid labels can be a trouble saver, a money-saver, a hope to recover your lost items.

If I lose my cell phone, how will you send me an SMS?
We recommend during registration that you send us your email address too.
Our business and all contacts are done by SMS; in that case we can contact you by email.

What is SMS?
Short Message Service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another.

What is a global unique ID Code?
A global unique ID Code is a unique number that is used to identify an item belonging to a user.

Can I have 2 global unique ID Codes?
You can have 2 Global unique ID Codes by purchasing 2 different packages. As long as each package is registered with your mobile phone you are ok. All Global unique ID Codes remain your unique numbers that are used to identify items belonging to you.

How does Textmyid work?
Simple as 1, 2, 3 just click into the how does it work tab and see all the steps.

What happens if I find something?
Only if item has our global unique ID Code please notify us by texting 1-617-306-6681 or sending an email to You are the finder, and we will reward you. Guarantee.

Is Textmyid only for mobile devices?
No. We protect all electronic portable devices as well as items such as keys, wallets, sunglasses, passports, and much more.

How do I register?
USA/ Canada /Other countries
You can register using your mobile phone or online. We also recommend sending us your email address during registration. This is very important because if you lose your cell phone we will not be able to contact you by SMS. The only option will be by email. If you are sending a text from other countries to 1-617-306-6681 (USA number) you may add +. Example: +1-617-306-6681

Can I register my global unique ID code online?
We recommend registration with your mobile phone. You can register online, just click the Register tab in our website and select register online.

Do you provide the coverage to any country?
We provide coverage in any country where cellular phones are used.

What is SMSL?
SMSL is electronic asset label with a unique global ID Code which will be sent to the user via SMS, you can use SMSL to print your own physical labels as many as you like
Use a printer, a pen or permanent marker to write your ID Code on each label, tags you have printed.
Affix your labels, tags to any items you want to protect. Now your valuables are traceable worldwide via SMS.

How much do I have to pay for SMS Label?
It’s free

Where SMSL can be used?
SMS label is used worldwide where people have an access to mobile phone.

Is SMSL Safe?
No personal information ever printed on your valuables.
Privacy protection guarantee.