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The Lost and found Recovery Service via SMS

How Does it Work? offers a practical solution to a common problem. Your valuables are traceable worldwide 24/7.

The Textmyid System is simple. Textmyid is an easy way to register your valuable items by SMS using the Textmyid Unique Identification code.


ID Code # 9 556 665

TEXT TO +1-617-694-8846

Anyone who finds your valuables can send a text message to Textmyid or enter the ID Code at and you, the owner, will receive notification about where your item is and how to get it back.

Notification to Owner by SMS Text message and/or email:

Steps 1 – Sign up:
We will provide you a global unique ID Code and Textmyid labels free

Step 2 – Registration
Simply register your global unique ID Code, and an account will be created for you showing details of all items you have registered.

Step 3 – Protect your valuables
Simply affix or attach a label, tag, or sticker to each item you want to protect.

That’s it.

Step 4 – Enjoy the service!
Your global unique ID Code is free and renewable each year.

What happens when I’ve lost an item?
The person or lost and found office that has found your item logs onto or sends a text message to our system. You then receive an SMS text message or an email telling you that your item has been found, and giving details of its location. We can then organize pick up if possible, or we will help ensure it is returned to you.

I still have questions!
Please feel free to contact customer support by email or text at anytime.