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The Lost and found Recovery Service via SMS

Textmyid Brands

They are not just labels. They can be trouble savers, money-savers, and hope to recover your lost items.

Blue Pack

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Textmyid labels make a perfect gift; it’s free.

We offer a free service to assist in reuniting you and your valuable lost found items. Our Textmyid labels pack is free when you get start today and always will be free. You only pay a shipping and handling fee. We ship worldwide.

Travelers, Students and Realtors:
• Get Handset
• Protection
• TEXTMYID Labels Pack

FROM… The World’s #1 information resource for the recovery of lost and found items.

Textmyid is a convenient and free way to mark your portable items as your own.


Finders and lost and found offices can use our labels to contact us by SMS text message or through our website anywhere there is cellular phone or Internet access.

Our global unique ID codes mean your personal information is protected if your valuable items are ever lost. No personal information ever printed on the tag.


Our SMS text account system means you can update your contact information
anytime from anywhere using your mobile phone.

Polyester durable asset labels, UV protected and permanent water resistant. Textmyid labels look great on almost anything! Waterproof- Detergent proof- Will not fade. 5 different label sizes, allow you to fit all your items sizes. Proudly made in America.


Best Gift:
Textmyid is also a great gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for teen or youngster. Textmyid labels are a great way to protect your investment in cell phones, iPod’s, MP3 players, cameras, laptop computers, PDAs, and more!