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The Lost and found Recovery Service via SMS


Toronto, CA

I lost my camcorder 6 hours outside of the city and Textmyid returned it to me the next day.
This is a wonderful site.
Great service!

Paul B.

Johannesburg, South Africa
I lost my wallet this morning on the way to work and Textmyid recovered it and sent it to me.
Thank you

Christian F.

Waltham, MA
I left my keys in the Bus this morning, by the time I got to my work in Waltham, there was already a SMS text message from Textmyid letting me know they found my keys.

Amazing service.

Robert W.

London, UK
I got a gift Textmyid and put it on my camera, one Month later I lost my camera. Textmyid told me that they got SMS from Paris, my camera was found.
Thank you so much

Veronica D.

Washington DC
I misplaced my portable hard drive while I was in the library and because it was labeled with my textmyid sticker, a fellow student picked it up and text to 1-617-306-6681 number to return it. I got my hard drive that same day- it was great!

Suzanne M.

Albany, NY
I had lost my mp3 player with 750 songs in a different city from where I live and the person who found it had sent SMS text message to your website.
5 days later, I received SMS from your site that you had found my mp3 player. I was so impressed with your company’s service. I really like the SMS text message it was easy and fast way to reach me.

It is very helpful for people who have lost items and sometimes you think there is no way you will get it back.

Thanks Guys!

Maria L.